Welcome to Springlife

One of the largest challenges for businesses today is to implement their strategies and targets in real life.

Springlife takes care of this challenge through well defined processes, methods for follow-up and evidence-based research regarding successful behaviours.

"80% of directors say they have the right strategies but only 14% think they are implementing them"- Fortune


"Less than 10% of strategies effectively formulated worldwide are also effectively executed" - The Economist


"A study of large companies in eight industrialized countries by Bain Consulting revealed that 88% of them failed to achieve profitable growth over a ten year period, despite having strategic plans to do so" - Bain Consulting


Springlife´s unique software is called Springlife Online (“SOL”).

With SOL, Springlife helps businesses to achieve sustainable financial value and succsessfull behavioural change through specific focus areas.

By identifying and breaking down the top KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) into lead measures and identifying how this can be executed, the clients are able to secure achievement of objectives in a much faster way.


The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund

The Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund signs a long-term agreement with Springlife in order to increase the commitment, efficency and performance within the organization.


Diligentia continues its successful collaboration with a focus to improve the economic indicators. A new agreement with Springlife is signed for continuous analysis of the performance level and a systemically goal and improvement work where Springlife Online is an important part.


Skandia extends their contract with Springlife. The commercial context is to create an increased value for Skandia. Everything from a valuable feedback before the business planning process to a positive impact on outcomes regarding financial ratios.

Folktandvården Skåne (National dental services Skåne)

National dental services Skåne with 1300 employees signs an angreemet with Springlife to implement the performance analysis.

Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg

The insurance company Länsförsäkringar Gävleborg renews its contract with Springlife to implement the performance analysis.

Länsstyrelsen (County Administrative Board)

Twenty County Administrative Boards signs agreement with Springlife.

Salems kommun (Salems municipality)

Salems municipality with approximately 1,000 employees signs agreement with Springlife.


Datacenter signs contract with Springlife regarding Springlife Online.

One Nordic

One Nordic Signs agreement with Springlife.

Astra Zeneca

AstraZeneca has signed a new contract with Springlife.

Springlife launches a new website

welcome to Springlife's new website.


signs contract with Springlife.

Västra Götalandsregionen (Region Västra Götaland)

signs a multi-year agreement with Springlife. The Agreement is relating to the implementation of a performance-analysis of it's all 55 000 employees.

Centerpartiet (The Swedish Centre Party)

signs contract with Springlife.

Ebba Petterssons Privatskolas Stiftelse

The school's vision is to be Gothenburg's leading elementary school and as part of that vision the schools has signed a contractual agreements with the Springlife regarding the implementation of Springlife's performance analysis.

Astrid Lindgren Barnsjukhus (Astrid Lindgrens Children's Hospital)

signs contract with Springlife.

Landstinget Sörmland (Sörmland County Council)

sign additional agreements with Springlife regarding systematic goals and improvement.
Arbetsmiljöverket (Work Environment Authority)

signs contract with Springlife.

Tierp kommun (Tierp municipality)

is a new customer to Springlife.

Länsstyrelsen Örebro (Örebro County Administrative Board)

signs contract with Springlife.

Västerbottens Läns Landsting (
County Council of Västerbotten)

signs contract with Springlife.

Karlstad Universitet (Karlstad University)

is hiring Springlife to implement the performance analysis.

Arver Lastbilar (Arver Trucks)

signs an agreement to implement Springlife performance analysis.


signs 3-year contract for Springlife's performance analysis.


Hiring Springlife's implementation of performance analysis.

Inspektionen för Socialförsäkringen (The Swedish Social Insurance Inspectorate)

signs one-year contract with the Springlife.

Gävle Hamn (The Port of Gävle)

signs agreement to implement the Springlife in-depth analysis.

Skånes Universitetsjukhus (Skåne University Hospital)

conducting a pilot in systematic goal setting.


signs contract with Springlife for implementing systematic goal setting.

Ängelholms sjukhus (Ängelholm hospital)

signs contract with Springlife regarding systematic goal setting.

Huddinge kommun (Huddinge municipality)

Huddinge municipality signs contract with Springlife.

Landskrona stad (The city of Landskrona)

signs a contract with Springlife.

Försäkringskassan (The Swedish Social Insurance Agency)

signs agreement with Springlife.

Marginalen Bank

signs agreement with Springlife.

East Capital

East Capital signs contract with Springlife.

Gävle kommun (Gävle municipality)

signs contract with Springlife.

Eskilstuna Kommun (Eskilstuna municipality)

signs contract with Springlife.

Springlife is involved ...

In Otto Granbergs new edition of PAOU.

Landstinget Kronoberg (Kronoberg County Council)

signs contract with Springlife.

Pensionsmyndigheten (The Swedish Pensions Agency)

signs contract with Springlife.

Springlife involved ...

in the HR Days.

Springlife welcomes ...

three new employees.

Länsstyrelsen i Skåne och Västra Götalands (County Administrative Board of Skåne and Västra Götaland)

signs a framework agreement with Springlife.

Finans AB marginalen

signs contract with Springlife.

Norrbottens läns landsting (Norrbotten County Council)

extended its contract with the Springlife.


extends their contract with Springlife.

Springlife welcomes...

four new employees.

Springlife continues to cooperate ...

with Svenska Bostäder (Swedish homes).
Region Skåne

signs new agreement with Region Skåne.